Flawless floorplans

Designing the perfect floor and seat plan

Check out this quick 2-minute video guide on how to create a floorplan! 🚀📐

Floor & Seating plans 🚀

Our floorplan tool provides you with a convenient way to design, allocate, and share floor and seating plans for your events.

When you create a floorplan, set the name and your preference for unit measurements and clearance guides (we'll highlight this as the minimum distance to keep clear between items). Don't worry about saving: every change is automatically saved and you can collaborate with everyone invited to the platform.

Create as many floorplans as you need and each stays synced with the latest information from your guestlist. Existing floorplans can be duplicated (useful for creating a contingency) and archived when they are no-longer needed.

Layout, canvas and layers

This structure follows many of the layout and components used in other design software, so it may already feel familiar. In the centre is the canvas, where you create and explore your design. Navigating the canvas is similar to using a map: click and drag to move around and use scroll to control the zoom level.

Above the canvas is a toolbar with design tools, navigation controls, import, export, and preferences. In the right panel there is an inspector (used to inspect, adjust, and control items in your design) and the layers panel.

The inspector has three modes:

  • Design: For creating and editing your floorplan

  • Furniture: To browse and add furniture items to your design

  • Guests: Where you, or your couple can manage guest assignment to seats

The layers panel controls the what is shown and hidden in your design. Hidden layers are not shown in the canvas and are not included when you export your design. This is useful for generating different types of exports, such as one for furniture installation (with only the tables) and another for catering (that also includes meal selection).

Upload an image of an existing drawing:

  • Click “upload” from the toolbar and select your image

  • Crop off any whitespace and press save

  • Move and rotate your image on the canvas

  • From the inspector select “Lock your image” to prevent it from moving

IMPORTANT • Setting the scale of an uploaded image:
It’s essential that your uploaded image is set to the correct scale so furniture is displayed proportionately and the clearance/measure tools perform correctly.

  • Choose a reference line within the image you know the distance of (e.g. a wall with a dimension labelled)

  • Move the canvas so this reference line is clearly visible

  • With the image selected, from the inspector press the “set scale” button to open the scale tool

  • Click on the start and then the end of your reference line to place the yellow ruler

  • At the top of the canvas, enter the correct dimension taking care to use the same unit of measurement (e.g. cm/m)

  • Confirm and your image will be resized automatically to match the correct scale

Adding furniture

In the inspector, change to the furniture tab where you’ll find a library of tables and chairs that can be added to your design. Each one is fully customisable with common configurations as templates to start from. Choose the item you wish to add to your design and move it on the canvas to where it should be positioned. With the item selected, the inspector allows you to control almost all of the properties including the name, seat count, rotation, and dimensions (including the seat size).

Moving groups of furniture at once

  • Hold down the shift key on your keyboard and select the tables with your mouse

  • This action will allow you to move the selected group together.

Adjusting the number of seats

For rectangular or square tables, you can adjust the number of chairs positioned on each side of the table (e.g. for banquette style seating the end of each table can be set to 0 seats). For circular tables seats are distributed evenly around them, you can adjust the table dimension and the number of seats from the inspector. Chairs may also be placed individually from the furniture library and every chair can be modified to a different size or rotation.

When placed into the canvas, both tables and chairs are numbered incrementally. You can change the number at anytime from the inspector, take care to not introduce duplicate table or chair numbers.

Want to add a bar, dancefloor, or other furniture?

The shape and label tools can be used to add additional information and context to your design such as custom areas or to annotate important features of the room. Select the shape tool and draw the area you wish to add. The Label tool can be used by itself or in combination with the shape tool to add text anywhere on the canvas.

We are working to add more shape styles and furniture soon, please let us know if you have any specific requirements.

Lock tables & images in place, before asking your client to add their guests

This ensures they don't move things out of place! Navigate to settings and use the toggle to select the items you would like to lock. Click save.

Assigning guests to seats

Select the guest tab in the inspector to see a full list of seats and their assignment. There is an overview at the top to check whether you have enough seats for your expected guests and how many guests are assigned a seat so far. You can specify which guests are expected at this event using the filter next to “Allocate seats” which uses tags to filter guests shown in selection list.

To assign a guest select or search for their name from the dropdown next to each seat. Selecting a guest who already has a seat will re-allocate them. You can also drag and drop the names between seats on the canvas. The guest data shown in your floorplan is synced with your guestlist, enabling powerful workflows where guest information such as allergies to be included in the export. If a guest is removed from your guestlist, they will also be removed from any floorplans.

Export and share

Download your design as a PDF in one click: press “PDF” in the toolbar to export your design. The export will include any layers currently set visible in the layers panel. Your exported document also includes a guest manifest, with information such as age, meal selection and other notes by table.

Wedding planning as easy as falling in love 🖤

We are registered business in England and Wales, company number 12816943

With love from Belgravia, London

Wedding planning as easy as falling in love 🖤

We are registered business in England and Wales, company number 12816943

With love from Belgravia, London

Wedding planning as easy as falling in love 🖤

We are registered business in England and Wales, company number 12816943

With love from Belgravia, London